Now that September is in full swing, it is time for you to be more diligent in caring for your gums. After all, they are a vital structure in your mouth that can significantly impact your overall oral health. When gum disease strikes, it is often in a silent manner. By the time you realize that something is going on with your teeth and gums, it is usually too late.  The damage has already begun. Unless you make an appointment to see a periodontist in Teaneck NJ soon, you could end up missing a few teeth and dealing with some severe dental health issues in the near future.

Professional Treatment Is the Only Solution

Gum disease is not a condition that you can treat on your own. You need to be under the care of a periodontist. Depending on how mild your condition is, you may be able to stop the progression of the disease with better oral hygiene habits. Or you may need to undergo more advanced treatment, such as scaling and root planning or laser gum surgery. No matter what kind of gum disease treatment you need, you are in good hands with Dr. Susan Goldfarb.

Gum Disease Is a Lifetime Commitment

After having your gums treated, you may feel inclined to go back to poor dental habits that lead to you developing gum disease. As tempting as that may be, you need to understand the way the disease works. Now that you have periodontal disease, it will never go away. Any treatments you receive help to minimize the physical effects of the condition, and keep it from advancing any further. But the moment you stop properly caring for your teeth and gums and miss any of your dental appointments, the disease will start wreaking havoc in your mouth again.

Do not leave the health and appearance of your gums and teeth up to chance. Contact Advanced Periodontal & Implant Care at (201) 374-8460 for an appointment with Dr. Goldfarb.